From the Heart Ministries
Catherine S. Painter
617 Great Pine Way
Raleigh, NC 27614
Phone: (919) 846-1745






A twelve-week Bible study geared for youth through adults of any age.

† Being Born, and Being Born
   Again (Your New Life)

† Receiving a Name

† Learning to Trust
   (Assurance of Your Salvation)

† Learning to Communicate
   (With God in Quiet Time)

† Learning to Feed Yourself
   (With God’s Word)

† Learning to Dress Yourself
   (In God’s Armor)

† Bearing the Family Resemblance
   (Manifesting the Fruit of the

† Assuming Your Role in the Family
   (Using Your Talents and Spiritual

† Learning the Family Rules
   (What God Expects)

† Finding Your Hands and Feet
   (Serving Christ by Serving

† Learning to Share
   (Your Personal Testimony)

† Learning to Walk
   (The Road that Leads to Life)

† Learning to Talk
   (The Language of Christians)
   A Glossary of Christian terms

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